In 2019 the Founder, CEO, and Administrator of BRIDGE Hospice, Tammie Ware, put the hospice of her dreams in place. Tammie had worked in hospice for many years but always found herself unfulfilled working for other agencies. She planned to create a hospice that intentionally focused on the patient and the family before the bottom line. Tammie has put together a remarkable team of individuals at BRIDGE Hospice. They specialize in specific roles and share Tammie’s mindset of making the hospice experience about the patient and family.

While BRIDGE Hospice has been in business, Tammie has maintained and successfully managed her dream and promise to make BRIDGE Hospice different in several ways.

Tammie was the first in West Texas to start and develop a Patient Advocate Program, a feeding program for hospice patients who cannot feed themselves due to physical/memory limitations or staffing issues. Tammie believes that it is in the best interest of the patient’s well-being to have three meals a day. Her Patient Advocate Program teaches and trains BRIDGE Hospice employees the correct way to feed and care for those patients who cannot feed themselves any longer. Creating the Patient Advocate Program has allowed BRIDGE Hospice to partner with facilities in Lubbock, Texas. It enables BRIDGE Hospice employees to feed and care for our patients in that facility 2 to 3 times a day. In turn, we are keeping our patients nourished, providing several extra daily checking-ins on our patients, and the opportunity to report any concerns about that patient to the BRIDGE Hospice Case Managers. All of which has been invaluable to the family members of the patients, knowing that their loved one is eating, being cleaned up, and getting extra attention daily. The Patient Advocate Program became even more critical during the height of COVID lockdowns to both the family members who were not allowed in the facility and our staff.

Inspired by her friend David Wayne Schuchard, Tammie has been instrumental in creating, establishing, and managing Dave’s Wish, the non-profit division of BRIDGE Hospice. Before he passed from pancreatic cancer in 2011, David expressed to Tammie his desire to create a non-profit outreach for hospice patients in the Lubbock area. Dave’s Wish uses 100% of all charities directly for patients’ expenses such as groceries, rent, home repairs, utilities, clothing, transportation, or medical needs that hospice does not cover. Dave’s Wish is not only available to BRIDGE Hospice patients but ALL hospice patients in Lubbock and the surrounding areas. To date, Dave’s Wish has donated approximately $20,000 to items directly benefiting local hospice patients such as food, clothing, transportation, help with paying utility bills, home repairs, building wheelchair ramps, medical needs, essential household items, etc. The list of outreach is genuinely endless.

Tammie Ware is a true pioneer in hospice patient care in that she always puts the patient before the bottom line. Because of Tammie’s passion for patient care, BRIDGE Hospice has developed a reputation as the “go-to” hospice for patients that might pose challenges other agencies choose not to manage. Tammie has personally donated hours of her time sitting bedside with patients that need extra care or help. She has developed outreaches like Dave’s Wish to help patients and their families in many ways. She has even cared for and found homes for pets of patients who can no longer care for their animals. Tammie is devoted to finding a way to care for those in need.

It is safe to say that Tammie is leading the hospice of her dreams intentionally and with a passion that directly benefits the patient’s need above all else.

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