Membership Benefits
As a member of TNMHO your hospice organization will be listed on our website:  www.TxNMHospice.Org and directory.  It is a valuable resource for general information on hospice as well as a hospice locator for families looking for a hospice. The TNMHO's toll free number is published in Medicare’s Hospice Booklet and serves as a valuable referral source as well as a source of information for the general public.

Newsletters to keep you up to date:
A weekly newsletter, the Update, providing information on what is happening in hospice around the nation as well as providing information specific to Texas and New Mexico.  Weekly REGULATORY UPDATE  providing information gleaned from the Federal, Texas and New Mexico Registers as well as information and analysis developed from meetings and other sources.  
During each state’s legislative session, you will also be provided with a weekly LEGISLATIVE UPDATE

Public Policy and Advocacy
The TNMHO represents you at both the national and state levels before legislative bodies as well as before federal and state regulatory agencies.  In the coming years, we will be challenged repeatedly as Congress and both Legislatures grapple with financial and other issues.  We represent both states on the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization’s Council of States; serve on its Public Policy Committee; and represent both states at the quarterly meetings with Palmetto Government Benefit Administrator’s (PGBA).  The TNMHO partners with the Texas Academy of Palliative Medicine (TAPM) and through them the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM), the Texas Hospital Association (THA), the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO), the Texas Pain Society, Project Hope, the State Hospice Organization Executive Roundtable (SHOER) and many other groups.

No other organization in Texas or New Mexico can provide you the number and quality of TNMHO's educational offerings.  In 2017 TNMHO offered 98 hours of  face-to-face classes to 12,234 individuals and provided 65 online courses.

Annual Conference
The TNMHO hosts an annual conference each spring with an average attendance of more than 550 hospice professionals.  This three-day conference offers multidisciplinary education for your hospice professionals and volunteers.  During this meeting, general sessions with nationally recognized experts in hospice and palliative care are provided over 50 breakout sessions that are tailored to the individual and professional needs of the participants.  Continuing education credits are provided for administrators, physicians, nurses, social workers, and other professions.  The annual meeting is an opportunity to interact with other hospice professionals in peer group sessions.

Special Topic Conferences
TNMHO offers your staff a unique opportunity to learn and network with their colleagues in Special Topic Conferences.  These conferences are designed to last one to two days and are built around a specific topic or peer group.

Online Education
You have access to over 60 hours of online training programs that are available 24 hours a day for the professionals in your organization.  We've Got You Whole Organization Covered! On-line Professional Development for ALL Hospice Disciplines.
Administrators Bundle Packs -
8 hour New Initial Administrator Training On-line - Meets the DADS requirement (§97.259 c) for new HCSSA Administrators/Alternates
12 hour requirement -This bundle pack satisfies the 12 hour yearly DADS requirement §97.260 Continuing Education in Administration of Agencies.
16 hour first year admin training - Meets the 16 hour requirement on §97.259 (d) Initial Educational Training in Administration of Agencies (Hospice only on this one)

Other Popular Educational Opportunities
Bereavement Coordinator Training 5 classes --8 hours of professional education with CEUs, just $50 for members
Chaplain Training Pack 5 Classes -- 6 hours of professional Education with CEUs awarded, just $50 for members
Nurse Bundle Leading industry experts instruct
Social Worker Bundle 12 hours of prerecorded multimedia Professional Education with 12 hours of CEUs awarded (6 hours Ethics credits). Leading industry experts instruct, just $100  for members
Volunteer Coordinator Training  6 hours of education for hospice volunteer coordinators

The Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization is the largest and oldest organization in both Texas and New Mexico that focuses solely on hospice.  Other organizations have moved into hospice, but they primarily represent home health and other industries.  With our more than 225 members, we are "all hospice, all of the time".

The TX & NM Hospice Organization was founded in 1983 As the Texas Hospice Organization as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit and is dedicated to promoting and maintaining quality compassionate care for the terminally ill and their families and to provide educational opportunities and professional assistance to the professionals who serve the terminally ill.  In 1995 the New Mexico and Texas Hospice Organizations, recognizing a need for increased cooperation in a rapidly changing health care environment, agreed to a partnership whereby NMHO member hospices would become full members of THO.  The joint organization evolved to make it apparent that both organizations were benefiting from the merger and in April, 1998 THO's bylaws were amended to form one organization representing both states.

Contact Us:
1108 Lavaca, Ste. 727 Austin, TX  78701
Tel:  512-454-1247
Fax:  512-454-1248
Toll Free: 800-580-9270
Website: www.txnmhospice.org

Exec. Director: Larry Farrow 512-454-1247
Education: Brandie Baker 512-466-0497
Gov.  Relations: Maxcine Tomlinson 512-461-1769