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A patron member is any individual, firm or organization which desires to promote hospice. Examples of Patron members are: Accreditation Providers, Lawyers, Recruiters, Consultants, DME Providers, Pharmaceutical providers, Wound Care, Cremation,EMR, Hospice Software Providers, Etc... Membership Entitles the patron member to a special listing in the Patron Member Section of the Website, newsletters, other publications and membership rates on exhibiting and attending at all educational opportunities.

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Fees are calculated depending on the size of your organization.



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Would definitely recommend! Very informative, thank you.

Chad, Hospice Owner   Member since 2018

Great opportunity to network and get up to date information on topics relative to my everyday experiences.

Pam B.   Member since 2001

Excellent first experience with this conference and the people who share the common passion. Great facility. Looking forward to developing my practice and future with the organization!

Nancy P.

I have always enjoyed your conferences. Thank you! You pick the most wonderful conference topics.