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Tina Wall Receives the Charley Wasson Hospice Advocacy Award
March 8, 2023

Tina Wall with her award at the 2023 TNMHO Award’s Ceremony.

Tina Wall received this very special award and honored on Feb. 26, 2023 at our annual awards ceremony in front of 400+ hospice professionals.

Kasey Cox at Bridge Hospice, nominated Tina and this is what he wrote about her:

“Tina Wall began her career as a CNA in 1993, thanks to a random meeting with a nurse/customer. While on a sales call for Kirby vacuums, Tina met a potential customer who would become Tina’s most significant mentor. This customer recognized that Tina had a true calling to care for people and the heart to be an outstanding CNA. The nurse not only bought the Kirby vacuum at full price but also bargained with Tina that when she bought it, in trade for the purchase, Tina would apply for CNA classes. Tina kept her end of the deal and applied for CNA school the next day. Tina has been a CNA for thirty years and is thankful every day for the kindness she encountered with the nurse that sparked her career. In those 30 years, Tina has seen patients from Lubbock, TX, all he way to Tucumcari, New Mexico, and many places in between. She does not have an exact number, but the best guess would be that she has cared for several thousands of patients. So many, in fact, that she has cared for multi-generations of families. From the grandparents to the daughter and then the great-grandchildren, Tina states that she has cared for all of Lubbock and then some! Tina starts her day around 5 am focused on the same thoughts: whom she will see and how she will help them live their best day. Tina’s goal for each patient is always to leave them feeling better, looking better,and knowing they matter. She TAKES her time with each patient, so they feel comfortable, she MAKES time for each patient, so they feel seen, and she SPENDS time with each patient, so they know they are heard.

Throughout her career, Tina always ensures that her patients have the essentials by often going the extra mile. She is known to give manicures/pedicures and haircuts, but she also ensures they have what they need. She buys food, clothing, and other items for those who do not have the means. She has cleaned homes and even taken laundry home to do and bring back. With a heart of gold, Tina is ALWAYS setting the bar for CNA care and often going above and beyond. Along with caring for our patients, Tina assists as our lead CNA and manages our Patient Advocate Program, where she trains and teaches others to care for our patients. She has become the mentor and is very well known for helping grow the careers of so many CNAs. Tina is always available to lend advice, help, train, and, most of all, listen. It is safe to say that Tina has paid it back tenfold! From the moment she was encouraged to become a CNA to today, Tina Wall has been a caregiver to thousands and blessed many along the way. BRIDGE Hospice is very grateful for Tina and the culture she cultivates through her caring. She plays a significant role in the team that defines our hospice, and we, like so many others, are blessed by her every day.” – Kasey Cox

Tina – Congratulations! We’re so very proud of you! – TNMHO Board of Directors and Team!

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