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Alberto Magana Receives the Charley Wasson Hospice Advocacy Award
February 28, 2024

Alberto Magana has made significant contributions to hospice and the Dallas Community as a whole and
his contributions are as far reaching as Australia. Alberto has been working as a Bereavement Manager
and has done so much more in his tenur here at VITAS. He has the ability to teach the value of hospice
in different capacities, from admission to the bereavement support. His passion for hospice and its value
has propelled him to commit to the We Honor Veterans Program where he took our program to Level 5.
The amazing thing about Alberto is he really didn’t understand the contributions of our Veterans, yet took
the time to study all of the wars to better support our Veterans. His commitment and heart for this work is
unparalleled! He also takes the time to go to the National Cemetery to do Blessings and support for the
Veteran families in the community.
This year he also committed to partnering with a Funeral Home to do a Dementia Support Group for 10
weeks as the facilitator. Not knowing enough about Dementia and the impacts to the caregivers and
families, he again studied the material to prepare for the caregivers that registered to attend. In doing so,
our program was gifted with a cremation service for a family in need, which he had no idea would be
given to us. What a gift because of his passion to support our community.
He has also held bereavement support 1:1 sessions for complicated grief, if there is a need to visit he
does so willingly, regardless of time or day! We watch him give and give to a cause so much bigger than
himself. Alberto has also held a Spanish Virtual Bereavement Group virtually which has now grown
internationally, reaching caregivers in Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Equador, Mexico and Australia!
His mission to bring awareness of the need for grief support to the latin community is far reaching and in
fact supporting many families that would otherwise not understand the impact of their grief.
I believe the story that most impacted Alberto this past year was a patient who wanted alternative/holistic
medication. The family was in denial of what was unfolding with their loved one. Alberto had family
meetings and drew out the patients wishes. She was then able to verbally express her wishes to the
family, which in turn became a restorative time for all of them. The son of that family wrote a review
stating that the value of hospice was clearly understood from the perspective a latino family because of
Alberto’s heart and passion for this hospice work will leave a legacy and certainly lives an imprint on the
heart of all of us that know him.

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