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Caryn Rawls Receives the Charley Wasson Hospice Advocacy Award
February 28, 2024

Caryn Rawls has been a loyal employee of Hospice in the Pines since 2015. She is a valued resource to
the organization, full of knowledge from years of billing various medical types. She is always willing to
lend a hand or a listening ear to families and fellow employees. Caryn is both professional and
compassionate in her work.

Caryn is the best billing specialist I can imagine. She understands the nuances of the payor sources that
we are contracted with, and she ensures that we are paid correctly. Caryn is very meticulous and gives a
lot of attention to ensure that claims are submitted properly. She will spend hours on the phone with a
payor source to ensure that they have all the information needed to correctly pay for services. Caryn
goes above and beyond to facilitate open, clear, and direct communication with our contracted nursing
facilities. Her diligent efforts have been identified by many nursing facilities, which has not only improved
relationships, but also increased our market share within long-term care facilities. She also provides
training and insight to other team members to ensure they understand the differences in the needs of the
various payor sources. Caryn ensures that billing is done with the utmost integrity and precision.
Caryn recently had a family member on our services. She was dedicated to the organization, even as she
grieved the impending loss. She ensured that nothing was missed when she had to be out of the office.
She provides written how-to guides to assist team members during time off. This provides not only
information, but peace of mind as well.

Caryn has been instrumental for the agency bringing billing back in house to ensure the billing could
meet our level of integrity and we would continue to bring in the revenue expected. Without her expertise, we would not have been able to implement such a project without extensive training. This will greatly decrease the company’s annual expenses and allow for an increased quality of services.
Caryn has attended a multitude of trainings, from NHPCO, TNMHO, CMS, Palmetto GBA, to name a few.
She is a regular attendee at Mactober Fest. She is steadily seeking to expand her knowledge of her job
and ways to help keep the organization in compliance with all payor sources. Caryn is very involved in the We Honor Veterans program, attending pinning ceremonies, helping to fold flags, and other acts of service to support the program. She and her husband, a veteran of the US Air Force, volunteer together to honor local veterans in hospice.

Caryn is a gem within the organization. She completes her work consistently, without desire for praise or
recognition. She quietly encompasses the values of Hospice in the Pines. She goes above and beyond
for patients and families, recently advocating for the spouse of a patient from years ago, whose
information had become intertwined together. This spouse was showing to have been under hospice
services for years, causing issues with receiving treatment for her own medical issues. Caryn spent
significant time researching and reaching out to Medicare to try to resolve the issue. Whether it may be
chasing down a funeral home to correct a death certificate, contacting commercial insurances to dispute
payment, or appealing claims until we are paid; she does not give up. There is nothing Caryn would not
do for the organization and its patients.

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