The Nominating Committee requests your assistance in identifying qualified, interested individuals committed to the hospice philosophy to fill vacant positions on the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee.  Member delegates will vote on these nominees at the Annual Business Meeting during our Annual Conference.

Membership:  The Board of Directors shall consist of no more than nine persons.

The Directors shall be six Provider Members and three Non-Provider Members.  No more than one individual affiliated with any single hospice program shall serve on the Board of Directors. The Directors may appoint two At-Large members. They will serve one-year terms and may be reappointed at the pleasure of the Directors for a maximum of two consecutive terms. At-Large Members shall have full voting privileges.

Board members are charged with administering the direction of the organization.  This charge also mandates procedural, legal, ethical and financial decisions.  Board members include both providers and non-providers.

  • Provider members bring to the Board such desirable factors as: hospice program experience, awareness of Medicare/Medicaid law and code, network experience, hospice industry perspective and a demonstrated professional commitment to hospice.
  • Non-Provider members are normally not directly associated with a hospice as an employee or board member and hold leadership positions in a comparable or adjunctive industry, such as funeral, hospital, DME, pharmacy, nursing home, or the like.

Board Nomination Form