Joanna Hooper, MD Is given the Hospice Advocate Award.

Dr. Hooper received this very special award and honored on Feb. 26, 2023 at our annual awards ceremony in front of 400+ hospice professionals.

Robin Chavez, ED, and Ruby Maestas, office manager at Red Willow Hospice, nominated Dr. Hooper and wrote the following about her:
“Dr. Hooper is dedicated to serving rural northern New Mexico, as Taos counties hospice provider. She is actively engaged in the community. She has been initiating up and coming methods to her practice, following evidence-based medicine. She believes in treating patients as a whole. Additional achievements include: -Non-profit collaborations for services not covered under traditional hospice model, -Medical Aid In Dying, -“Best of Taos County”, -Presenter for NCCMAID Conference” – Robin Chavez

“Dr. Hooper is currently the Medical Director for two hospice facilities in Taos, New Mexico, she has a passion for making sure her patients quality of life is beyond expectations. She is working on making certain medications available to hospice patients at their end of life to help make their transition the best possible, with Legislators in the upcoming Legislative sessions in New Mexico.” -Ruby Maestas

Dr. Hooper, Congratulations! We’re so very proud of you! – TNMHO Board of Directors and Team