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Webinar Calendar:

1/26/2017 Hospice 101:  The Basics for New Staff

2/2/2017   Hospice Manager Series:First, Do No Harm!  Critical Thinking for Managers

2/9/2017    Hospice Enforcement Trends:  Recent Decisions, Opinions & Other Guidance for the Increasing Scrutiny on Hospice

2/16/2017 Adding PEPPER to Your Hospice Compliance Spice Rack

2/23/2017   The Difficult Personality:  Ours, Those We Supervise, Patients & Families

3/2/2017  PEPPER Series: Adding Salt to Your PEPPER:  Spicing Up Day-to-Day Compliance
3/9/2017 HIS Update

3/14/2017  The New Hospice 101:  Preparing for & Responding to Hospice Audits

3/16/2017 Coaching & Guidance:  Ensuring Everyone Knows Where They Are Headed & How to Get There

3/23/2017  Board Fiduciary Duty of Care & Individual Liability

3/30/2017 Hospice Manager Series: Pull Your Weight!  Maximizing the Role of Everyone on the Team

4/4/2017 2017 ICD-10 Coding:  Revisions, Updates & Challenges

4/6/2017  Hospice Compliance:  Is It Documented?

4/13/2017 Compliance Investigations:  How to Prevent the Response from Making Things Worse                                                                
4/20/2017 Frontline Supervisor Series:   Exploring the Role of the Frontline Supervisor

4/27/2017  Focus on Volunteers: Multi-Generational Perspectives, Programming & Services

5/4/2017  Frontline Supervisor Series: Developing Staff & Managing Performance
5/9/2017  Recruiting & Hiring the Perfect “Fit”

5/11/2017 Hot Topics in Hospice Regulatory Matters

5/18/2017Competencies for the Heart of Hospice Care

5/25/2017 Compliance Series:
Part 1: Preparing for the Project: What We Need to Know for Success

6/1/2017Post-Acute Care Series:
Post-Acute Care & Integration for Hospice & Home Care

6/8/2017 Compliance Series:
Part 2:  Down to Work: Constructing the Framework

6/15/2017Post-Acute Care Series:
Value-Based Post-Acute Care Service for Hospice & Home Care: Key Strategic Considerations

6/22/2017 Compliance Series:
Part 3: Conducting Individualized Risk Assessments Establishing Audits Monitors

6/29/2017 Managing Your Costs Finding Efficiencies to Remain Relevant

7/11/2017          Project Management for Starting a Palliative Care Program        

7/13/2017 Compliance Series:
Part 4:The Final Touches: The Annual Review, the Link Between Performance and Compliance and Staying Current

7/20/2017Monitoring Employees’ Work-Related & Personal Social Media:  Why? How? Is It Legal & Ethical?

7/25/2017 Hospice Nursing Home Partnerships: Balancing Regulation with Quality

7/27/2017 Taking Counseling to the Next Level: Applying Techniques/Interventions to Challenging Situations

8/3/2017Hospice Billing Series:
Part 1:  Eligibility Requirements & Notice of Election

8/10/2017Participation in Bundled Payment Initiatives

8/17/2017 Hospice Billing Series:
Part 2:  Details of Medicare Claims Processing

8/24/2017 The Dos & Don’ts of Managed Care Contracting

8/31/2017 Hospice Billing Series:
Part 3:  Face-to-Face, Hospice CAP & Palliative Care

9/7/2017 GIP – Guidelines & Utilization Review

9/14/2017 Survey Series:
Assessing Your Regulatory Compliance Through Survey Readiness

9/21/2017  Serving the Under-Served in Your Community

9/28/2017 Survey Series:
Conducting a Mock Survey to Assess Compliance

10/5/2017 A Whole New World:  Defining the Role of Hospice Care in a Transforming Health Care System

10/12/2017 Survey Series:
Top Five Survey Deficiencies & How to Avoid Them

10/19/2017HIPAA Compliance:  What Every Hospice & Home Care Provider Needs to Know About Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) & Paper-Based Medical Records

10/26/2017 Healthcare Due Diligence:  The Who, What, Why & When

11/2/2017 Continuous Home Care Guidelines & Utilization Review

11/9/2017 Marketing:  Compliant Practices for Hospice & Home Health

11/16/2017 How to Improve HCAHPS Scores

12/5/2017 Hospice Quality – Comprehensive Assessment Tool, Public Reporting & Star Rating

12/7/2017  Honoring Veteran Program Partnerships

FACE-To-Face Conferences, Meetings and Educational Events

Click on discipline for On-line Education for 12 hour In-service, Administrators, Nurses, Social Workers, Chaplains, Bereavement Coordinators, & Volunteer Coordinators


Feb. 24-26, 2017 34th Annual Conference, @ the Omni Houston- REGISTRATION
Mar. 9, 2017 11 AM Webinar: GIP compliance (Free For Members)



conference logo

The 34th Annual Convention of the Texas and New Mexico Hospice Organization

Feb. 24-26, 2017- Houston, TX

We are excited to announce that we will be holding our Annual Convention at the Omni Hotel in Houston on February 24-26, 2017, and we would like to invite you to join us in our celebration of our 34th Conference. Over 50 innovative hospice sessions covering everything from clinical, regulatory, leadership and psychosocial will be offered. We are expecting over 400 professionals in attendance again this year.

Register for the 2017 conference:

PGBA Workshop at the TNMHO Conference:

Palmetto GBA is pleased to announce our 2017 Hospice Workshop Series. These workshops are designed for hospice providers and their staff to equip them with the tools they need to be successful with Medicare billing, coverage and documentation requirements.

These workshops will provide insight for hospice agency staff at all levels; however, we suggest that providers who are new to Medicare or have new staff attend online learning courses for beginners offered at Basic billing and other online educational resources can be found in the Self-Paced Learning section by selecting the Learning and Education link under the Browse Topics option at the top of the page. During the workshop series, Palmetto GBA will provide information related to the most common errors identified through a variety of data analysis and some hints and tips on the reasons why these errors occur. Palmetto GBA’s ultimate goal is to have educated and astute providers who know how to accurately and skillfully apply the information they learn to their documentation and billing practices!

The following topics will be covered during the workshop:

Part I

  • Data Analysis
    • Length of Stay (LOS)
  • Screening New Patients for Hospice
  • Interdisciplinary Group (IDG) Member Roles
    • Medical Director
    • Nurse
    • Social Worker
    • Pastoral Counselor
  • Medical Review Program
  • Medical Review Top Denials
  • Dementia Patients

Part II

  • What You Need to Know for 2017
  • Data Driven Topics
    • Hospice Election Statement
    • Medicare Secondary Hospice Election
    • Transfer Requirements
    • Billing Dispute Resolution Requests
    • Comparative Billing Report (CBR)
  • CERT Program
  • Provider Enrollment Revalidation
  • eServices Online Provider Portal
  • Provider Resources/Self Service Tools
    • Secure eChat
    • Tools and Calculators
    • Social Media
    • E-Mail Updates
    • Hospice Basics Modules