When considering entering hospice care, “Don’t let the expense deter you,” says US News & World Report. Contributor Maryalene LaPonsie argues for the value within hospice care, citing those like NHPCO President Edo Banach who says, “Few people know that hospice is not just for the patient, but for the family.” The article describes coverage benefits, including the “myriad Medicare benefits for hospice patients.” For terminally ill patients, the program covers hospice services entirely. “It’s designed to not have any out-of-pocket costs,” the article notes, but this does mean forgoing curative treatment. Still, it’s important to consider other coverage options and remember that custodial care is not covered. LaPonsie concludes, “Hospice is a valuable benefit that can provide comfort to both a patient and his or her family during a difficult time. And with minimal out-of-pocket costs, this type of care offers the chance to say goodbye to a loved one without financial stress.” (US News & World Report, 11/1, https://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/family-finance/articles/2018-11-01/the-costs-of-entering-hospice-care)