Please join us for the first in the new trauma informed care webinar series next Thursday Oct. 15th at 11 AM-12:30 PM. This will begin the series of 3 webinars that we will be hosting over the next couple of months to further the understanding of trauma informed care in the hospice and palliative setting. This is a complimentary webinar hosted by TNMHO.


Title: Trauma-Informed Care: What We Need to Consider for Clinical Competence


We can understand theories, diagnoses, and even tips and techniques, but if we are not grounded and centered within ourselves in the face of another’s trauma symptoms we place everyone at risk.  The fields of resilience, emotional intelligence, interpersonal neurobiology, and post-traumatic growth have much to teach us about ways to respond most effectively to the trauma in our midst, and within us.  This series of presentations will review what it means for a practitioner and organization to be trauma-informed, ways to be present with those struggling in healing ways, and ways of modeling healthy coping to those for whom we care.

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Carla Cheatham


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