Austin, TX – Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization has selected Brandie Baker as its next executive director. Brandie will succeed Larry Farrow, who is retiring at the end of October after 27 years leading the organization.

Brandie first joined TNMHO, a nonprofit member-based association that educates and advocates for Hospices in Texas and New Mexico, in November of 2007. During her 14-year tenure, she has learned and helped to build all aspects of the organization including education, events, membership and advocacy. Since 2007, she has also directed and expanded the organization’s on-line learning and development efforts, including the creation of the membership plus education program.

As Executive Director, Brandie will work closely with staff and the TNMHO board to ensure the organization can continue to grow, adapt, serve and advocate for hospices in Texas and New Mexico.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to lead such a great organization. I know we can continue to move forward to grow, and provide excellent benefits, advocacy, support, events and education to hospices. I love this organization!”
– Brandie Baker, CAE

“As president of the Board of Directors, I’d like to personally thank Larry Farrow for his lasting service and the foundation that he has built at TXNMHO. For the past several years we have worked well with Brandie Baker in anticipating this transition and it is with excitement that the Board of Directors look to Baker to lead our organization.”
– Chad Higbee, President, Board of Directors, TNMHO


“Brandie brings a blend of professionalism and friendliness to her work with TNMHO. I’ve witnessed her respond to unexpected changes during conferences, troubleshooting to provide quick solutions that were effective and maintained the professional integrity of the events. Brandie stays aware of the needs of hospice agencies, current trends, and education needs to help TNMHO provide timely and valuable in-person and virtual content and training. She strives to improve TNMHO every year. Brandie brings an attitude of open-mindedness and inclusivity to her work, understanding that hospice agencies need support regardless of size or location. She adds value to end of life care in both Texas and New Mexico.“
 Helen Bauer, RN, BSN

Please join us in congratulating Brandie on her new role!

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