Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Advance Care Planning: Bill Correctly for Services

In a recent report, the Office of the Inspector General found that Medicare providers who billed for advance care planning (ACP) services in an office setting didn’t always comply with federal requirements. Review the revised Advance Care Planning fact sheet, and learn how to:

  • Document discussions
  • Follow time-based coding requirements

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Health and Human Services Commission: Fraudulent Nursing Diploma Scheme

HHSC has become aware of a nation-wide scheme involving the sale of false and fraudulent nursing degree diplomas and transcripts from accredited Florida-based nursing schools, which were then used by individuals to obtain nursing licensure in various states.  You can find information regarding this scheme, as well as resources and updates on the Texas Board of Nursing website.


As a reminder, HHSC has posted FAQs for your reference!  Topics covered are: mandatory sign up for Blackboard, HCSSA license exemptions, categories of service, PAS, abuse allegation reporting, supervisory visits, vaccine requirements, COVID screening, COVID reporting, TB requirements, supportive palliative care, and survey. View the PDF

Corrected to Add Link: HHSC Publishes Long-term Care Regulation FY 2022 Annual Report

This report contains information pertaining to our regulation of nursing facilities and other long-term care providers. This report is a requirement of Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 242, §242.005.  Read the report.  This report covers all programs including hospice.  You will find the Top Ten Deficiencies, number of hospices/HCSSAs, how complaint reporting and investigations work, TULIP, C.N.A./Med Aide/EMR information, the Long Term Care Regulatory Regional Map and counties served and much more.

Medicaid Contract Issues

As a reminder, if you continue to experience problems getting you Medicaid hospice contract issued or reissued please reach out to your Senator or Representative in the State of Texas!  Many providers have done this with success!   You can find out who represents you by going to our members only site and scrolling to the bottom of the left side where you will see “Find your Legislator” for your respective state. TNMHO


Change of Ownership When an Owner has a Medicaid Hospice Contract:  Buyers and Sellers

Change of Ownership When an Owner has a Medicaid Hospice Contract:  Buyers and Sellers

Please remember that when a Medicaid hospice provider plans to sell, you MUST comply with 40 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 49 Contracting for Community Services, Subchapter B. 49.210 Contract Change of Ownership of Legal Entity.  Many sellers and buyers are not familiar with this rule.  Please remember that the rule requires contract termination if the 60 day notice isn’t filed.  In addition you need HHSC’s approval for the new owner. View the RULE.


Social Work Board

New Rules in 22 TAC Chapter 781 and 882:  effective March 7, 2023
The following adopted rules, affecting Title 22 of the Texas Administrative Code, can be found in the March 3, 2023, Texas Register and become effective March 7, 2023:
 §781.303 General Standards of Practice – qualifications necessary to obtain a license; the scope of practice, standards of care, and ethical practice for a profession; continuing education requirements; or a schedule of sanctions unless the rule has been proposed by the applicable board for the profession.
• §882.42 Ineligibility Due to Criminal History  –  rule clarifies that if a criminal offense took place in some other jurisdiction, besides Texas, it can be a basis for the denial of an application or revocation or suspension of a license if the offense is substantially similar to a Texas offense listed in the rule.


Disclaimer:  The Texas and New Mexico Hospice Organization publishes the Regulatory Update as an information only item.  TNMHO has no attorneys nor does it represent the state and federal governments.  All legal questions or concerns should be directed to your attorney or the governments involved.