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Analytics – Core Package

Web-Based Market Analytics Subscription

Core Tools Account – Access for 5 users and data for Texas or New Mexico


The Core Tools Account includes access to the ten essential DataLab hospice planning tools. You will have interactive access to detailed market data and key hospice indicators for every hospice provider and county as well as patient flow information to understand patterns of care throughout every hospital and post-acute marketplace in Texas or New Mexico.


In the Hospice Multi County Market Tool you will select a set of counties and explore trends in hospice utilization factors and market information over time.


Post-Acute Tools reveal the use of hospice by patients after a hospital stay.  Hospital specific data show which post-acute providers are serving patients who die within six months of a hospital discharge. Key indicators include hospice use and hospital readmissions by discharge disposition – demonstrating the impact of hospice care on lowering readmission rates.


Hospice Patient Flow Tools show patterns of referrals from specific hospitals or skilled nursing facilities to specific hospices, and summarizes these relationships over time. Physician-level data include county and specialty information, as well as which physicians are serving patients who go to specific hospices.


Understand your referral sources and competitive position in your service areas.



Tools include:

¨ Hospice County Profile Tool

¨ Hospice Provider Profile Tool

¨ Hospice Multi County Market Tool

¨ Hospital to Hospice Flow Tool

¨ SNF to Hospice Share Tool

¨ Post-Acute Hospice Use Tool

¨ Post-Acute Discharge Status Tool

¨ Post-Acute Diagnosis Tool

¨ Post-Physician Hospice Use Tool

¨ Medicare Physician Utilization Tool


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