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Analytics – Basic Package

Web-Based Market Analytics Subscription

Basic Tools Account – Access for 2 users and data for Texas or New Mexico


The Basic Tools Account includes access to the two most popular DataLab tools. You will have interactive access to detailed market data and key hospice indicators for every hospice provider and county in Texas or New Mexico.


In the Hospice County Profile Tool you will interactively explore trends in hospice utilization factors for each county in Texas or New Mexico. Counties may be ranked to provide a statewide context for understanding performance indicators.  You can see market trends, including indicators such as Medicare enrollment, death rate, resident deaths, death service ratio, hospice deaths, hospice penetration, patients served, ALOS, patient days, GIP data and payments per patient.


The Hospice Provider Profile Tool includes a series of interactive worksheets providing comprehensive data for every provider in Texas or New Mexico during the past 15 years, with access to extensive metrics such as on patients served, hospice admissions, ADC, ALOS, Median LOS, GIP data, CHC data, HMO patients served, hospice deaths, live discharges, payments per patient day and per patient, and % CAP use. You may view data in tabular form and interactively select measures to be graphed both annually and by quarter. You may also view information about competitors’ performance and market share over time and rank providers on a variety of metrics.


Understand the evolution of your hospice business and delve into the competitive market in your county and state.

Example of a selection of worksheets from the Hospice Provider Profile and Hospice County Profile.


For more detailed information, request a demo.  Member Price $768 Per Year, Non-Member $921