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EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR TX & NM Hospice Organization

 I.       QUALIFICATIONS AND CONDITIONS:A.   Recipient of a Master’s degree preferred from a recognized college or university and bachelor’s required.


B.   Has training and experience in health care management and at least (3) years of supervisory or administrative experience in hospice and/or home care or related health program. Has not been employed in the last year as an administrator with another agency at the time the agency was cited with violations.


C.   Evidence of good administrative skills with ability to supervise staff and coordinate services and have not been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor.


D.   Humanistic attitude toward patient care reflecting supportive, sensitive approach to staff and patient/family needs.


E     Must complete twelve (12) hours of continued education in the related field annually.


Job Summary:


The Executive Director (hereinafter, “ED”) is the Executive Director of the association, and is responsible for the development, oversight, and success of all the association operations and governance. The association is governed by a Board of Directors which develops policy under the guidance, assistance, and leadership of the ED. The primary functions of the association are: to provide educational opportunities to the membership and to the public; to develop public policy positions to improve quality and access to end-of-life and palliative care; to serve as advocates in the various realms of public policy to implement and support sound policies; to serve as the collective “voice of the hospice” in Texas & New Mexico; to serve as a contact point for the public, answering questions and connecting those seeking hospice services to providers.



A.  Ability to understand the physical, psychosocial, and spiritual concerns/problems of terminally ill patients and families.


B.  Evidence of extensive knowledge about community health and commitment to the delivery of qualify community health services.


C. Experience in budget preparation and methods of control.


D.  Evidence of knowledge about Medicare federal regulations and state home health/hospice regulations.


E.  Ability to develop and maintain high morale among varying levels of employees.

F.  Experience in contract negotiation and vendor management. Evidence of creative management style with flexibility in assignments as well as duties.


G. Proven ability to effectively collaborate with and support a Board of Directors. Be able to work consistently under pressure; to be objective; to keep feelings, prejudices, and personal problems from having a negative impact on work performance.




A. Manages all services and the quality of care in the organization both (association & leadership duties under the guidance of the Board).


B. Manages the services provided by alternate business locations including Texas & New Mexico.


C. Develops, implements and evaluates policies and procedures for the organization and oversees the practices of business operations for the TNMHO.


D. Interprets and administers policies established by the Health Care Finance Administration, CMS, the fiscal intermediary, the State Department of Health, (HCSSA) and the Accreditation affiliates.


E. Oversees the maintenance of the personnel records on all employees working under the ED within the TNMHO.


F. Interacts with other hospice agencies and health-related groups to promote working relationships and affiliations.


G. Participates in selecting members of various committees within the Organization.


H. Informs the Board of Directors regularly about the entire organization’s operation, reporting at all Executive and Board of Directors meetings.


I. Implements personnel policies and regularly updates members on the federal, state regulations for all hospice members in both State’s.


J.  Develops and formulates the goals and objectives and evaluates progress of the Organization toward these objectives.


K.  Prepares and approves job descriptions for Organization’s personnel.


L.  Develops and implements annual budget along with financial appointee.


M. Develops appropriate controls for material, funding, reporting, and contract management.


N.  Supervises, hires, terminates and evaluates the personnel staff.






The ED serves as the chief staff executive and advocate for TNMHO and its members and will support and implement the Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, mission, policies, strategic plan, and directives by the board.

The ED serves to strengthen TNMHO as an organization, enhance the perception of hospice and palliative care with law makers, policy makers, other associations, and the general public.


The ED:

Is responsible for hiring, performance, evaluation, and termination of staff & consultants, and shall operate within all aspects of the law, and the best practices of human resource management.


Oversees all aspects of the governance of the association, including agenda planning, strategic planning, assurance of proper meeting venues, and preparatory work for the nominating committee, strategic plan committees, subcommittees, and task force meetings that take place under the domain of the association.

Is responsible for achieving the public policy goals of the association, and as such is the chief legislative and executive branch lobbyist of the association and supporting the federal public policy agenda of our national affiliate.


Is responsible for the financial well-being and the fiduciary responsibilities of the association and will abide by the counsel and direction of the CPAs/auditors, and best practices of association governance. In all material financial matters, the ED will operate in consultation with the Treasurer, the Executive Committee, and the Board, as appropriate.


Is responsible for all aspects of the association state, federal, and local reporting as a corporation, business, charity, advocacy organization, recipient of state funds, and education provider.


Will be the association representative and spokesperson with other state and national associations and organizations, and will advance the TNMHO mission, stature, and profile in those realms. Will proactively develop relationships with leaders in other state associations to assure that issues that intersect or conflict are considered and addressed.


Will exercise diplomacy skills in meeting the needs of members, recognizing that they operate in a competitive marketplace.


Will engage membership, particularly at the board and Executive Committee, to elevate participation and member input, and foster a culture of access to the state office.


Will engage all varieties of the media to raise the profile and image of hospice and palliative care, and to advance the messages designed for a variety of stakeholders and the public.


Ability to work with a high degree of autonomy with high level executives among membership, other associations, lawmakers, and policy makers.


All other duties as assigned.


Understand the Vision: The Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization will be the model state for hospice and palliative care services.


Mission: TNMHO will provides high-value education, empowers patients and caregivers seeking services, and resolutely advocates for quality hospice & palliative care.




A.  Must be able to work in diverse settings, to include possible contact with blood borne pathogens, respiratory hazards, and electrical hazards within the THA building.

B.  Must be able to work in potentially volatile situations, such as being verbally confronted by hostile individuals, patients, families, to include derogatory language using quality conflict management solutions.

C.  Must be able to work alone doing repetitive tasks for extended periods of time to

include standing.

D.  Must be able to work in high traffic Austin area without limitations to driving or disruption.

E.  Must be able to stand, walk, lift, pull, and push.

F.  Must be able to be aware of surroundings, have good near vision, hear and smell

for sensory purpose.

G.  Must be able to distinguish colors to verify proper medical condition for

assessment purpose.

H.  Must be able to climb stairs and ladders, for job requirements.

I.   Must be able to perform repetitive motions, stooping, bending, grasping, reaching, kneeling, carrying, and typing/ word processing.


Board of Directors

Hospice job posted on
August 27, 2021

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