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Hope Health Care – Greenville

Headquarters Address

6501 Wesley Street Ste. B

Greenville, TX 75402

Contact Number:

(903) 458-9800

Fax Number:

(469) 391-9960


About Hope Health Care – Greenville

About Hope Health Care

We believe in the value of life – of every life.  Every decision we make in life, whether positive or negative, great or small, builds upon our story.  At Hope Health Care, we exist to inspire and encourage every person we serve – to insist that every day counts!

Do you know your why?  Your why is the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do. At Hope Health Care, we know our why.  Our why is about changing the way we look at the end of life. HOPE is not about changing the world.  It’s about making a significant difference in one small part of the world.  It is our vision to connect the dots in the post-acute world and assist those that we serve in direct and indirect ways, to see that the end of life is not something to be feared, but embraced.  It is our vision to understand, and help others understand, through the wisdom gained from serving others, we can actually understand the joys of living.  We accomplish this through the mechanism and power of hospice care.

We approach the care we deliver a bit differently.  From Hospice Aides being available five (5) days a week to a concentrated effort and extended team training on issues specific and important to US Military Veterans, we deliver hospice care a bit different.

If you’re in the DFW metro area and you want an organization that can assist with care that makes a difference, call us at 903-458-9800 or visit us on the web at:  Remember – your story matters!