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Acara Hospice

Headquarters Address

601 Graham Rd.

College Station, TX 77845

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About Acara Hospice

Acara Hospice was started in 2022 as an effort to keep hospice care owned and operated in our community. We are local, experienced, hospice clinicians. We believe small is better than big, and individualized is better than standardized. Hospice care is best provided with small town values and hospice hearts. Hospice and palliative care should be personalized care.

Our Heart

  • Begin with “YES”
  • Reach out to all in need of hospice within one hour to answer questions
  • Make the best of what is
  • Connect with families through great communication and service.
  • Educate the community on hospice and the service it provides
  • Create a culture worth working for
  • Invest back into the community we serve
  • Start with a smile
  • Collaborate and work together as one team
  • Serve regardless of age or ability to pay
  • Care with an emphasis on time and presence
  • Celebrate the incremental