“Hospice is Not ‘The Last Resort’” is published by CDA Press and explores the IMPACT program, a proactive approach to collaborative treatment. “The heart of the program is all about having a heart for those who may be facing end-of-life times. It’s about looking at hospice as another, more welcoming option as opposed to zig-zagging back and forth from a patient’s home to the doctor’s office to the emergency room to the hospital. It’s about understanding that, during that end-of-life time, tests and X-rays can be painful or at the very least exhausting for people who could benefit more from the loving contact of being with friends and loved ones.” Honey Goodman, administrator and COO of Treasure Valley Hospice, is taking the program’s message to “the front lines: doctors and discharge planners.” She wants them to understand that hospice is a medical model, not a last resort. (CDA Press, 11/13, www.cdapress.com/article/20181113/AP/311139961)